Editorial Note: The following entry was imported from a project website and was not written by director James Kicklighter. It is attributed to its original author in the heading. The original writing has not been modified from the author's words.

James Kicklighter
Caleb Mock, cancer patient, Burkitt's Lymphoma

Hello readers, I am Kyle Maddux-Lawrence, one of the producers and the cinematographer for A Few Things About Cancer.

In this post, I want to talk about how I got involved in the project and why.

It was a nice sunny, warm day in January (yes that can happen in Savannah, GA) and I was heading over to James's house for a meeting. He was a bit late but was coming back from the hospital where he had been talking to Caleb about the idea for AFTAC.

When James got home and told me about Caleb’s diagnosis and his plan to document his treatment, I immediately offered any and all services that I could.

I am unfortunately no stranger to cancer and its impact.

My father died of cancer when I was four years old, my grandfather died of cancer when I was in high school, and my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.  I know the strain it puts on the family and how important it is to have a good support system and to stay positive.

When I first met Caleb, Jada and his family, I was delighted to see how much support and positivity they exuded. This is the single most important thing to maintain because it is so easy to succumb to negative thoughts and to lose hope, especially with stage four diagnosis.

Once I saw how Caleb and his family were dealing with his chemotherapy treatments I knew we were capturing something unique and important. Caleb’s positive outlook on his illness and his decision to focus on what cancer was giving him instead of what it was taking away was truly inspiring.  

It is my sincere hope that we did this story justice and that it helps people come to terms with their diagnosis and inspire them to remember that there is always hope and to run to the fight.

- Kyle Maddux-Lawrence