To the entire Cast and Crew:

Today, I'm very pleased to announce that Di Passaggio has wrapped, after a grueling 10 month production schedule.

This project would have not happened if it wasn't for the tireless dedication of this team, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

This project has been as much about the passage of the students on the 2008 Term A Montepulciano trip, as much as it has been about my own personal journey over this past year, something I certainly didn't plan when we started pre-production last March. To all of those who were on the trip, I thank you for your cooperation in allowing me to film your every move over the course of 6 weeks.

To Ansley, Matt, Leslie, John, and Charlotte, thank you for letting me look into your heads. It has been a pleasure (some days) hearing what you have to say about life each day for the past 7 months of editing.

To my principal cast:


  • I promise your "smart alecky" comments were not taken to extremes.
  • You played the perfect "All-American Girl," after the first week once you got used to the Cameras.


  • Your candor was not expected. The way that you opened up on camera was real and very raw. I have appreciated your honesty.
  • I hope you've learned how to use the washing machine.


  • You have the best one liners of almost anyone I know. Thanks for making me laugh on those tough editing days.
  • I'm glad the experience helped you to figure out your life.


  • We needed a philosopher, and you fit the bill very well.
  • I hope you find that special someone in your assorted theater productions this year.


  • You are one of my favorite people, and I wish I could see you more.
  • Thank you for your wisdom, it really provided a strong foundation for the film that would've lacked without your years of experience.

To my fantastic principal crew:


  • I really don't know where to begin. Thank you for sticking by me in what was a very difficult time. Your support and choice to continue working with me helped get me through in so many ways.
  • Your assistance in helping me whittle down the story through 60 hours of filming is unmeasured. It wouldn't have come out so well without your meticulous structural notes.

Preston & Scott

  • Though we didn't directly adapt your journals, I appreciate your letting us look at them. It helped me bring focus to the film, by taking the themes found throughout and adapt them for the screen. You helped bring that collective experience to life, and I appreciate that.


  • Same applies here for you. I appreciate your sticking by me when you didn't have to. I look forward to doing this marathon History of Radio film. We're crazy.
  • Your graphic work and editing prowess is far more advanced than mine, and without you in the mix, we wouldn't have such a strong package.


  • I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I also appreciate you sticking by me. It meant a lot.
  • Good luck as you get married, it's about time!


  • Thank you for dedication as a Consulting Producer. With your assistance, many of those early pieces were cut, because of your lifetime of experience in audio. I wouldn't have known some of these couldn't be fixed without this help.
  • I look forward to working with you in the future.

Lazan & Neal

  • Your sound work collectively improved so much on the initial recording. I look forward to working with both of you again soon.


  • Thanks for stepping in at the last minute. I don't know why we couldn't get it to sync, but it works now, and your work with levels made it much more effective.
  • The radio project is going to be fun. Intense, but fun.


  • You're brilliant. I didn't expect you to come out with a score the way that you did, considering the budget we are working on. But you hit it out of the park, creating themes that were used throughout the piece. Good luck on your upcoming films and with the Greensboro Symphony. I hope that we will get to screen in Greensboro at the Carolina Film Festival.
  • I will certainly be using your services again.


  • You're good at providing constructive feedback. I hope that Sundance is a blast right now, and I look forward to seeing you at my Lecture in February.

J. Michael

  • Though we didn't end up using the recording narration, your work as the narrator was just fine. I hope that we have the opportunity to work again in the future, and hope to see you at RIFF this Fall.
  • I appreciate your patience and willingness to do this project.
  • Good luck with Grad School, I hope AFI is where you end up.


  • Our stop motion animation experiment turned out to be something very special. When I preview it or screen it to others, that is always a universal compliment.
  • Thank you for "thinking like a 5 year old," I know that was a very difficult thing for an artist of your talent.
  • I hope that one day soon, you can be doing my storyboards.


  • "I Believe" is a very special song that fits the mood of the film tremendously well. Like the artwork, everyone wants to who sang that song.
  • I have placed a title card for your website at the end of the film, and I hope that people will continue to discover your work this way.

Finally, for everyone who has been a supporter of this film, the many individuals who have looked at small snippets and given me feedback, etc, guys are awesome. I wouldn't trade my friends and family for anyone in the world.

I love all of you guys, and I hope that you'll get the opportunity to see the film in Macon, at your local college campus, or at the other assorted TBD Festivals across the country this Spring.

All the best,