Director James Kicklighter in Montepulciano, Italy on Study Abroad making his documentary film Di Passaggio

It has been a wonderful study abroad trip to Italy, and I'm encouraged about the direction my film Di Passaggio has been taking.

This weekend, the long process of post-production for Di Passaggio will begin with the completion of the first, preliminary storyboard, based on the 21 hours shot thus far (there will probably be about 25 when we're done), all to be shuffled into approximately 90 minutes.

This storyboard will allow me to see what has been shot, where it connects, and what is missing for the editing process -- these things will be done next week, as we depart on June 23rd. This is not to say everything has been shooting in the dark during the past 4 weeks; everything was previously outlined, and stories are followed up on with meticulous notes after daily filming.

The storyboard is large, taking up almost an entire wall. Everything is being broken up into cities, which are going to be symbiotic to topics; for example, Rome represents power and corruption; Florence, art and discovery, Venice, love and relationships; etc.

Thus far, 5 hours have been logged into the board, and there are a few holes that need to be filled in. This is the advantage of figuring it out before leaving -- I want to avoid any reshoots in the States, because I've got the locations here. Additionally, it would simply be difficult to get anyone together for a set period of time.

Next week, we're going to Lake Trasimeno, Sienna, and what I'm most excited about, the Catacombs of Montepulciano, after finishing up Rome and Florence this week.

When I get home, I want to go to Chick-fil-A, where I can get a (Value Sized) #1 with Sweet Tea. There are other things, but that's primarily on my mind.