May 15, 2014No Comments

Filming for 1 month in the isolated heat of Rajasthan, India (Video Blog)

While filming in the heat of Rajasthan, India for 1 month, I was able to focus on the creative; while my local co-director was able to focus on executing logistics & cultural sensitivities.

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August 25, 20121 Comment

Gifted Actor Edith Ivey is the #1 reason I’m directing films in the first place (Day 10): Video blog

From my first film (The Car Wash) to my first feature film, Desires of the Heart, actor Edith Ivey (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) has been with me.

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August 25, 2012No Comments

Farewell to Alicia Minshew (Day 9): Video Blog

In this video blog, we say farewell to actor Alicia Minshew on her last day of filming in Savannah.

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