May 14, 20152 Comments

Caleb Mock: I turned 25 and I was dying of Cancer.

In dying, I realized that life is shorter than I ever thought. Worse still, I had spent all of my time thinking about doing great things.

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April 10, 20152 Comments

Dale and Mose Mock: Our son, Caleb, 25 year old with Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Our son Caleb’s continued stomach pains led him to having a CAT scan a month later. Much to our dismay, the diagnosis was stage four lymphoma, and it took several days to determine that it was Burkitt’s lymphoma.

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April 1, 20151 Comment

Jada Mock: A Newlywed’s Journey through Burkitt’s Lymphoma

As soon as I heard the words, “Cancer" and "Burkitt's Lymphoma," my whole world crumbled inside. It was as if I was in a horrible dream and could not wake up!

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