Editorial Note: That Guy: the Legacy of Dub Taylor was never released beyond its screening in Augusta, Georgia, but this series of entries shows the thought process that went into working on my first film.

As we do periodically get emails about this topic, it is not available to the public.

James Kicklighter

Hey guys, thanks for your continued support of the Dub Taylor film! We do read your emails and try to respond to each of them. For the meantime, we've got a few things in the pipeline, but one of our biggest pieces of news?

Next Friday, the 15th, we're interviewing John Mellencamp, who worked with Dub Taylor on the film Falling from Grace, one of his last works.

We'll be going to his studio in Indiana for the interview, and we can't be more thrilled. Everyone over at Hoffman Entertainment has been more than gracious and helpful to get this integral interview. 

Additionally, we're looking at our distribution options now that we've had a little time to step away from the grind and observe the picture we have made. We're sending out letters, emails, and doing everything we can to help the project out.

If you work for a magazine, media outlet, or are in a position where you can help us get this project distributed, please message us! We'll be glad to do interviews, talk to your people, etc. to make this thing happen. It's been a true labor of love for us, and we really want to make sure the public gets the chance to be reminded of the career of Dub Taylor. 

Fortunately, there is interest in the project, it's just a matter of grabbing the buzz.