I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing.

Director James Kicklighter doing his very first canvass for an election.

Upon arrival back in DC, I went with Sam from our office to go canvassing for the first time.

Knocking on doors we had identified as prospective voters, my favorite moment was when a marine told me that Hitler could be running against Trump and he would vote for Hitler.

So, he's voting for Hillary.

This week was so insanely dense, in hindsight, it's hard to recognize that everything happened this week. However, the trip was almost ruined.

Flying back to Los Angeles from Washington, D.C., I totally forgot that we were flying to another country.

It seems silly to discuss, but I have been so singularly focused on the campaign and everything surrounding it that I hadn't prepared myself for vacation. When we arrived at the airport, only 30 minutes before boarding, I realized that I had left my passport at home.

It would have taken 30 minutes to get there and back.

Fortunately, Xintong's best man Taylor has been staying at our house while his tenant's sublet finished out at his house.

The gate attendant told us that he had to arrive in 25 minutes or I couldn't board the flight; there were no alternate flights to Puerto Vallarta that day.

Though he was crazy hungover, Taylor hustled, arriving at the curb exactly at the minute requisite for boarding. I cut the line and gave my passport to the attendant and we were good to go.

Drinking the whole way there in first class, I prepared myself for our holiday.

The Hyatt Ziva had fantastic food, drinks and sights to see. It was a stunning property on the Mexican coast.

Director James Kicklighter overlooking the sunset at the Hyatt Ziva, Puerto Vallarta

Our room had a lovely swim up pool that spanned the length of the building, though we ended up spending more time in the pool with a swim up bar.

We did go snorkeling off the coast and it was incredible.

We literally saw a school of fish appear out of nowhere, thousands of fish everywhere. The boats kept loaves of bread stocked, so there were always fish swimming around. However, our guide and Xintong grabbed a starfish from the ocean floor, scaring me to death when they threw it on top of me, falling into my life jacket and getting stuck inside of it.

The Hyatt Ziva, Puerto Vallarta

Somehow, it got removed, but only after I screamed for a few minutes to everyone's delight.

We played pool over drinks and I proved how badly I play that game.

We went into the city and roamed the streets some, it reminded me of Peru.

Then on the way out, I left my cell phone in the taxi, realizing it only ten seconds after the taxi took off.

We called the hotel, they called the taxis, radioing everyone in the area. Only twenty minutes before boarding, the taxi got the message and he returned it to us.

Yet again, my mind nearly made the whole trip go south. If I hadn't made the flight, I wouldn't have made it back to DC in time.

This week, we had Bellamy Young, currently the star of ABC's "Scandal," come for her very first surrogate visit with the campaign.

On Saturday, we planned to film a nice, in-depth interview with Bellamy Young at the Arlington Field Office at 10 AM.

However, no one told me that the interview was scheduled for 9:30 AM.

And so, as I'm getting ready to walk out the door, I get a barrage of frantic phone calls and text messages asking where I'm at.

My basement brownstone in Del Rey, Alexandria, VA.

To make matters worse, my phone can't take the call from the basement here in the townhouse, so the phone keeps cutting in and out.

In short, there's no way to do the interview.

Bellamy was scheduled to go to Del Rey to meet small business owners, meeting members of the community on the street along the way. Immediately after, she was flying back to LA for a fundraising event.

I pitched the idea of interviewing Bellamy in the car, but she had to sign off on it. I roll in at 9:55, five minutes before her next event and 25 minutes later than she was anticipating, expecting to get an upset television diva.

I have previously handled several high profile actors and their tantrums, none of which you'll hear about from me in public, in exotic locations.

I was ready to handle it.

But then, I step in -- and she was more than gracious; confused as to what happened, but not angry about it in anyway; a total sweetheart.

I apologized profusely and told her what I wanted to do.

I suggested we film it in the car, a sort of journey to a part of town where she was going to go exploring and meet people.

Understandably, Bellamy was hesitant, because she was concerned about the lighting.

I suggested opening the sunroof of my car, which she swiftly corrected, stating that sort of lighting would make her face look terrible.

She was absolutely right.

It was a stupid idea on my part that made no sense -- I knew better.

Rebounding, I promised that she would look good with proper lighting, putting her on the side of the car where the sun wasn't shining, using the lighting from the windshield to illuminate her face.

She said she was game, but she wanted to see it before launch.


So, I took my intern Layne out to the car and we did camera tests. And before I knew it, Bellamy was in the car and we did it.

The interview was intimate, well lit and the audio sounded terrific (I didn't know at the time, as in the rush, we forgot to grab my headphones. Watching the levels, however, I felt okay). She was comfortable and in the car, ironically, we were able to create a much different environment than what we would normally do.

Director James Kicklighter and Bellamy Young on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton
Bellamy Young, director James Kicklighter and journalist Claire Shipman

It also gave me some one-on-one time with her that I wouldn't have particularly had otherwise.

Also joining us was former journalist Claire Shipman, who worked for ABC and won a Peabody at CNN. She was also wonderful, and spending time with both ladies was a delight.

We toured the Del Rey neighborhood with the mayor, meeting babies, doggies (Bellamy picked up both) and everyone else in between.

By the end of the morning, Bellamy was comfortable and seemed sincere when she said she hoped to see me again soon.

I hope that's so.