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James Kicklighter
Jada Mock and her husband, Caleb Mock, Burkitt's Lymphoma survivor

My name is Jada Mock, Caleb’s wife of almost two years in April, long before Burkitt's Lymphoma entered our lives.

Our love story began as any young woman would dream of with a beautiful wedding in Statesboro, Georgia with family and friends followed with a gorgeous honeymoon in Jamaica.  

As we fast forward 6 or 7 months later, life was wonderful and we were back to reality.  Caleb and I were living in Jesup, Georgia not far from family, joined a church full of loving members, met a great group we could call friends, and were renting a house which I enjoyed “nesting” in.

Little did we know that one night in January would forever change our lives.  

Caleb had experienced stomach pain since October or November, but we both thought it was only bad stomach problems and maybe it could be fixed with antibiotics.  

It was a week night and Caleb was at the gym working out.  I was fixing dinner for the two of us and it seemed like any other normal night.  Caleb was in the shower and dinner was ready, so I went to check on him.  

His facial expressions showed something was not right and his next move I will never forget.  He held on to me expressing how much pain he was in and all I could do in that moment was hold my husband.  

I told myself that I had never seen him in this much pain.  

My first instinct was to call my mom to get her advice on what to do in this situation.

As we ventured through doctor visits, scans, and much more I will never forget the day we learned Caleb had a tumor.  

We were sitting in the room with Caleb’s family doctor in Springfield whom he had seen since he was a little boy.  The doctor’s demeanor was very calm when he told us that Caleb had a tumor which could possibly be cancer.  

As soon as I heard the word, “Cancer,” my whole world crumbled inside.  It was as if I was in a horrible dream and could not wake up!  

We were comforted by my parents and Caleb’s family as we learned the details of his cancer.

As we ventured through hospital stays weeks at a time, we were very blessed to have the love and support of our family, friends, and wonderful medical staff at Candler.  

This experience has changed our lives in a way we never imagined.  

Although it was a scary time in our lives, we were forced to face the hard but beautiful realities of marriage early on and therefore grew in our dependence on God and our appreciation for one another.  

We were even able to adopt a humorous but helpful saying based on a song from the movie “Frozen” that was just becoming popular at the time.  

Even though we were often riding a roller coaster of emotions, we knew that there were some situations (usually disappointing or discouraging ones) that we couldn’t dwell on if we wanted to make it through the day.  

On those occasions, we’d promise to just “let it go!”  Now we are enjoying a new phase of our marriage...remission. 

We are adjusting back to reality and our married life, once again.  We wake up every day with a new perspective...take each day one day at a time and enjoy the moment you are in. 

Our challenges have been many, for a "newly wed couple," but many blessings have come out of "our" journey.

- Jada Mock, Caleb's wife