Director James Kicklighter in 1999 on a school trip to Walt Disney World

Director James Kicklighter, year 2000 - almost 10 years ago

Do you remember what it was like in 1999?

It was the turn of the century, turn of the millennium, a new decade, and perhaps, one of the scariest points in my life up to that point.

Y2K was coming!

The entire world was facing a shutdown, because our computers running Windows 95 or 98 were going to switch to the "00's," forcing our dial-up modems that went into the World Wide Web to throw our entire power grid into electrical chaos!

Of course, none of that really happened, but it scared my 7th grade mind. And my, how does a decade change things.

I didn't properly appreciate the length of time that spanned a decade at my ripe old age of 12.

Some would probably say I don't at 21, but a lot has happened in ten years.

  • We got dial-up at our house
  • The Supreme Court solved a Presidential election
  • September 11th took place
  • my father died an unexpected death
  • I left middle school
  • the War in Afghanistan escalated
  • I invented an elaborate media concoction about working on major motion pictures
  • the Iraq War began
  • went to the world premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • my grandmother died
  • watched the rise of MySpace and Xanga
  • had my first alcoholic drink, graduated high school
  • began to actually work on movies (with That Guy: the Legacy of Dub Taylor)
  • saw the fall of Xanga
  • went to college
  • saw the fall of MySpace and rise of Facebook
  • became a Charter Member of Delta Tau Delta on my campus
  • directed a film in Italy (Di Passaggio)
  • my grandpa died
  • rode the rise of Twitter
  • went to the Inauguration of the first black president and live tweeted it
  • directed a film for Georgia Southern that premiered in Vegas (Theater of the Mind)
  • served as Team Advisor at the National Student Leadership Conference on Journalism and Mass Communication
  • produced a film in Ethiopia (Land of Higher Peace, using dial-up for the first time in Africa in nearly a decade)
  • directed my first scripted film, The Car Wash, with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button's Edith Ivey.

I'll graduate in May 2010 with a B.S. in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University, and if anyone accepts me, graduate school after that for an MFA in Film Directing.

A lot more happened in this decade, but those are the things at jump out at me. But that's the funny thing, you know, all the blanks that are in-between. All the moments that I spent, all the people that I met, that simply don't come to mind.

I realize that each of these years have led me to the place that I am at now. These events define me, while knowing that a lot can change in an instant, or even a few short years.

God, the next decade will be quicker, won't it?

My friend Jenny and Me, December 2009