8,068 miles: I Made It to Italy from Statesboro, Georgia for Study Abroad

All 8,068 miles were very long. I was awake a grand total of 34 hours by the time I got to sleep at my Apartment here in Montepulciano.

First off, Lufthansa is the best airline in the world -- they serve beer and wine complimentary!

The food was also very good, surprisingly, for airline food. There was even fresh fruit for breakfast.

On the topic of wine, I have been enjoying the regional wine at dinner, as it is custom to have wine at meals.

Even the house wine at the restaurants are exceptional. Everyone on the trip is attending a wine tasting at a winery here in town on Wednesday.

The city is interesting, with pedestrian walkways and the streets being one and the same.

Frankly, I couldn't drive a car on these narrow streets, because I believe I would hit something. It's very enchanting, like something out of a story or picture book -- old country, old construction, dating back to the 1500's in some parts.

The food has been delicious, served in multiple courses over a two-hour time span. This laid back atmosphere is a nice change of pace, because in the United States, we are so accustomed to rushing around all the time.

The panoramic landscapes are sensational, I'm going to have some really good pictures. It's been raining off and on the whole time, which has made for some pretty wet street shots.

Communication is interesting, as I speak no Italian. Pointing and gesturing makes for effective ways to select food and pay for things. Some people speak limited English, so this helps.

Over the course of the trip, I expect to pick up on some Italian, maybe speak some basic.

Thus far, filming of the documentary has been going well.

The first real interviews are today, and I have arranged for a historical tour of the city, which will be important footage.

Additionally, we're trying to figure out a way to tour the Catacombs underneath the city without getting lost and dying underneath, so that will be an adventure as well.

Tomorrow, we'll be visiting Rome and the Sistine Chapel, among other places. There is a six hour time difference, so as I write this entry, most of you who work are just getting up -- it's 12:39 PM here.

This hasn't been a very difficult adjustment for me, it only took a day.

And on that happy note, I must be off -- much to do, little time to do it. Next time, I hope to upload some digital pictures for you.