Exhaustion begins to hit.

It's way too early to feel this tired, but getting up at 7:30 AM and working until 8:00 PM makes for a very long day.

Especially if I want to go to the gym.

Or maybe get a tan.

Or watch an episode of television.

Or speak to my fiancé.

In short, the campaign is your life.

One of my clients left messages for me today about work that needs to be done; of course, he doesn't know what I am doing, and I'm going to try to keep it that way. Clients like to imagine that they're the only one in your life.

But it's going to take a Herculean effort to pull it off.

I finished editing the third and final Tony Goldwyn video today, and much to everyone's surprise, I did it immediately on arrival. It still floors me how slow they expect me to deliver content.

I also finished writing the master plan for filming, which invariably will be ripped to shreds. But it makes me look like I'm on my shit, and that's what matters.

Because tomorrow, the camera package I requested arrives from Brooklyn, and then, I have to deliver.

But for now, I'm plotting my vision.

I went to my first campaign event, the kickoff for Veterans for Hillary. I heard lots of humanizing stories about Hillary from the panel, all meant to rally and connect with the veterans in the audience.

The most striking was from a Ugandan refugee who came to the US to become a Marine, and he spoke of how much he loved this country.

How Donald Trump and their rhetoric against immigrants speak in direct contrast to his American experience, one that was marked with his disappearing from Uganda for 10 years, his mother unaware that he was alive.

It was stirring and soul searching as I observed his child holding a Hillary Clinton sign in the audience, a first generation American.

This is why you do it.

People's lives can actually be changed and impacted, it's not just selling the candidate and the brand.

Marine Sgt. Jimmy Ochan's son.

He had a story that I want to tell on film, and it looks like I might get to tell it. I just need to get the equipment and get going.

The waiting drives me nuts.

I'm a doer. Perhaps that's why I'm so tired.